Massage Packages

Head, Neck, Shoulders (45 mins)

This treatment is very effective in relieving pain and tension in the upper body. It specifically targets pressure points around the neck, shoulders , upper body and head, bringing relief from headaches as well as stress and anxiety manifesting in the neck and shoulders.

Full Body (75 mins)

The full body massage targets pressure points along the body’s twelve meridians. It includes firm but gentle sweeping strokes, palming, breathwork, some manipulation techniques borrowed from physiotherapy, and assisted stretches to release tension and promote relaxation throughout the body.
The treatment offers relief from poor digestion, constipation, arthritis pain, insomnia, tiredness, anxiety and stress. Benefits include energy release and a general feeling of well-being.
Clients are requested to wear loose, comfy clothes (yoga pants, t-shirt) preferably made from natural fibres. All treatments are done through a soft, stretchy cloth which covers the entire body.

Hara Abdominal (60 mins) – see notes below

This therapeutic massage combines breath and gentle pressure on abdominal organs to release emotional and physical blockages. “Emotions get ‘stuck’ and we are unable to digest our thoughts and feelings. Emotional trauma eventually manifests on a physical level, affecting the healthy functioning of our internal organs (eg knotted feeling in stomach or racing heart). Hara Shiatsu facilitates the release of blocked emotions, detoxifies the organs, calms the mind and facilitates the self-healing process.” – Beryl Esterhuizen, Shiatsu Academy principal.

The Hara treatment works very well during periods of high stress, (eg exam time, divorce, life changes, etc) and is also beneficial in processing emotional trauma.

Note: Clients who choose the recommended weekly treatments over four weeks gain the full benefit of this deep therapeutic massage and pays a discounted bulk rate.

Pregnancy (6o mins)

Pregnancy massages are only administered from the second trimester and generally follows the Full Body routine resulting in similar benefits. Pressure points connected to the uterus are however, avoided to prevent its stimulation. Essential oil use is avoided during this treatment.

  • Women struggling with pregnancy-induced sciatica and lower back pain (often experienced during the third trimester), experience relief after two or three treatments.
  • Natural induction is offered by triggering relevant pressure points but is only administered after taking into account the expected due date, the mother’s primary caregiver’s recommendations and other necessary/important parameters.

Home visits are an option for pregnant clients with an added transport fee (dependent on travel distance).

Aromatherapy (75 mins)

Clients have the option of experiencing the Full Body treatment with the use of pure Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils in either grapeseed or fractionated coconut carrier oil, applied directly to the skin insead of treatment through a cloth.

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