My Story

When my girls were born…and beyond

PictureI won’t forget the moment my oldest was placed on my chest, seconds after birth.  I had enjoyed the freedom of birthing at home in the presence of my then husband, my midwife and her assistant.  We had alternated walks around the garden with wallowing in a deep bath and/or listening to music and stories told by my partner as my endorphin levels increased enough to leave me feeling on a natural high….and thus better to cope with the discomfort of labour.  Until, seven hours later and a few strong pushes, Rachel meeowed her way into the world.  Easily the most sacred and powerful moment of my life. 

Taking in this beautiful, mysterious being, I lifted my eyes to say thank you to my support people but met their shared gaze … pride mixed with joy … instead.  In that moment I knew that I too would assist women in their journey into motherhood one day.

Seventeen months later, I enjoyed a second homebirth with the same team.  The admiration I held for midwives deepened as they supported me through a shorter, slightly more complicated labour, resulting in Eden’s noisy but safe and joyful arrival.  Pride and joy, intertwined once more between them and myself.  Yes, we were a team and we’d done this together.

Where my first two birth experiences were phenomenal, the third possessed a beauty, and almost magical quality, not yet experienced.  The difference? This time I was blessed not just with the knowledgeable and experienced presence of my midwife but a doula also.  Her soft-spoken, gentle encouragements washed over me in waves counteracting the physical surges overwhelming my body.  Her knowing hands touching, resting or massaging in just the right places, alleviated discomfort.  Until, in the early hours of a March morning, Zara made her way through my body and into my arms….

My name is Joy King.  I’m a WOMBS (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support) Doula, based in the Far South of the Cape Peninsula, Cape Town.  My services however reach across the south peninsula and into the city.

This site is dedicated to sharing information relating to the continuous support of women in labour.

Feel free to browse through the testimonial section of this site to read some of the birth stories of families I’ve supported.  They’re lovely 🙂